Basic Self-Hypnosis Induction #1: Magnetic Hands

Basic Self-Hypnosis Induction #1: Magnetic Hands

I’ve written recently about my experiences with self-hypnosis so far. One of the things I would like to try is to induce hypnosis in a different way than I’ve been doing so far. So I did some research. This post is the first result of that.
What I’ve got today is a basic suggestibility test that can also be used as a way to achieve self-hypnosis. It’s often used by stage or street hypnotists, but you can use it by yourself at home as well.

It’s called magnetic hands. Here’s how to do it:


  • Sit down somewhere comfortable with your eyes open.
  • Stretch out your arms straight in front of you, with the palms facing each other.
  • Imagine that on the palm of each hand, there is a magnet that is pulling your hands together.
  • Keep using your imagination. Feel the magnetic force slowly drawing your hands together, without your consciously willing it.
  • Once your hands finally meet, let your arms drop into your lap, close your eyes, and tell yourself that you are now in a state of deep hypnosis.
  • The point is to use your imagination the whole way, and to let your hands touch each other on their own (without you controlling them).
  • It’s a strange and exciting feeling when it happens. I tried something similar and wrote about it here.

I will also try inducing hypnosis in this way for a few days, and I’ll write how it goes. I really recommend you to try this simple techniques because they are proven to be really effective and you can easiy change your life by using them. If you have your own techniques or hypnosis tips, feel free to post your comment below.

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